Dietitian Service

Good nutrition is important in day to day life, for everyone, but if you have cancer it is especially vital to make sure you get enough of the right types of food. At CCL, we know that the cancer, its treatments and their side effects can all contribute to a poor dietary intake, with you losing your appetite or being unable to eat certain things, which is why we employ qualified dietitians.

This service is in place to help monitor your nutritional status, to make sure that you’re not losing too much weight, or suffering from malnutrition. The role of our dietitians is to support you in achieving the best possible state of health while you’re receiving treatment at Cancer Centre London.

Keeping abreast of the latest dietary research, the dietitians can assist you with planning food regimes to help prevent future cancers once you have finished your treatments, as well as explaining the roles of the anti-cancer nutrients found in many different foods.

We are registered with a number of insurance companies and are happy to receive referrals from healthcare professionals and patients themselves.

We also hold regular diet and cancer patient information meetings for patients, families, and friends. Guest speakers cover a range of topics including diet and nutrition, psychological support, the benefits of exercise and management of fatigue.

For more information, please contact our Information Co-ordinator, Suzanne Smith on 020 8247 3405 or by email.

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