Radiotherapy for Dupuytren's Disease

We have recently completed an audit on all patients treated with superficial radiotherapy in the Cancer Centre London for Dupuytren’s Disease, which is a benign condition causing progressive fibrosis and plaque formation in the hands, feet and penis. This condition causes pain and loss of function to patients and can be very disabling.

So far we have treated 119 patients, 38 women and 81 men, with a total of 227 areas treated. Overall 78% of areas treated improved according to patients’ report, with 13% showing complete resolution of symptoms after treatment. Approximately 4% of the patients treated with superficial radiotherapy were of the opinion that there was evidence of progression despite the treatment. This figure is in line with other published results.

Radiotherapy is particularly beneficial in treating early disease, so if you are a patient with early Dupuytren’s disease in either the hands, feet or penis, we would encourage you to contact Dr John Glees, Consultant Clinical Oncologist at the Cancer Centre London, for consideration of superficial radiotherapy.

Date: 06/12/2012