Lu-177-PSMA therapy (prostate cancer)

What is Lu-177-PSMA therapy?

Lu-177-PSMA therapy is an innovative treatment for metastatic prostate cancer. It takes advantage of the presence of a specific receptor on the prostate cancer cell surface (PSMA, prostate specific membrane antigen) and delivers targeted lethal radiation directly to the cancer cells. This means the treatment has minimal toxicity to other organs. As Lu-177 kills cancer cells through targeted high dose radiation, it can be effective even in cancers which become resistant to other treatments such as hormones or chemotherapy.

Cancer Centre London – Trailblazers

Starting in 2019, Cancer Centre London is one of the very few centres which pioneered this treatment in the UK. The treatment is supported and overseen by top experts of our Uro-Oncology MDT. Lead clinician Dr Yong Du (Consultant Physician in Nuclear Medicine) is the first doctor in the UK to be certified to give this treatment to patients. Using his extensive experience in both diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine procedures (including PET/CT and radionuclide targeted therapy), he has treated over 200 patients with Lu-177-PSMA (more than any UK doctor).

What is involved?

Cancer Centre London/Parkside Hospital provides the complete pathway of the Lu-177-PSMA treatment including PSMA-PET/CT scan, laboratory tests and Lu-177-PSMA therapy. The treatment is given by an experienced team consists of doctors, nurses, nuclear medicine technologists, pharmacists, and medical physicists. It is given as an outpatient procedure.

How can I access this service?

Referral letters should be sent to the Nuclear Medicine Department. Once a referral letter is received, the consultation will be arranged promptly by our administration team.

Tel: 020 8247 3351

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