Haemato-Oncology Nurse Specialist

The Haemato-Oncology Unit at CCL is a well-established clinical practice comprising of a multi-disciplinary team of medical experts providing treatment, including bone marrow transplantation, for myeloma, leukaemia and other haematological disorders.

Our Lead Nurse works alongside Lead Haemato-Oncology Consultant Prof Ray Powles and other members of the MDT to ensure the highest quality of care to patients undergoing treatment for these conditions.

The role of the Lead Nurse includes:

  • Attending clinics
  • Providing information, support and an on-call service for patients & families
  • Coordinating and assisting in the diagnostic monitoring and treatment pathway for patients
  • Coordinating the Autologous Stem Cell Transplant pathway
  • Ensuring all policies & practice guidelines are in line with the current and evidence based guidelines

As a member of the Nurses and Allied Professionals Group (NAP), EBMT, EHA, BSBMT, and EBMT she attends regular educational sessions and meetings to ensure safe practice and high quality care is provided at CCL in line with the latest Haemato-Oncology practice.

She also ensures information databases used for Transplant Practice, and clinical reference, audit and research are maintained.

For more information, please contact Linda Little, RGN BA(Hons) MA on
020 8247 3440 or by email