Information Centre

Cancer Centre London has a dedicated on-site Information Centre, which offers patients access to a wide range of different types of information on all aspects of cancer.

Literature at the Information Centre

This room is full of leaflets and booklets published by various cancer charities, and covers basic information on most cancers, as well as much more specific information on different treatment options. These leaflets also cover the less medical aspects of living with cancer, such as information about exercise and diet, as well as financial advice.

The Information Centre has leaflets for cancer patients themselves, as well as for those caring for someone with cancer. We also have leaflets and booklets explaining specific cancers and side effects to teenagers and children, as well as a range of tools to help parents speak to their children about the illness.

Monthly lectures and meetings

Cancer Centre London also runs monthly lectures for cancer patients and their families and friends. These are arranged by the Information Co-ordinator and are given by experts a variety of fields, including exercise, diet and emotional wellbeing. arranged via the medical team. Meetings for relatives and friends of the patients are held every two months in order to give information and support in a confidential environment.

For more information, please contact our Information Co-ordinator, Suzanne Smith on 020 8247 3405 or by email.