About Us

In 2003, Aspen Healthcare opened what was then the Parkside Oncology Clinic, and is now the renowned Cancer Centre London in Wimbledon, offering dedicated outpatient cancer treatment including radiotherapy and chemotherapy as well as a number of related support services.

We pride ourselves on being


  • Specialists who are internationally recognised leaders in their field
  • Years of knowledge and research in a wide variety of cancers
  • Expert and experienced oncology nurses and pharmacists
  • A dedicated team of radiotherapy physicists and radiographers


  • Advanced medical and surgical treatments
  • Access to the latest drugs
  • A commitment to acquiring the best technology available
  • Electronic eMDT and integrated clinical audit


  • A patient-centred approach tailored to individual needs
  • Extra services for family in conjunction with charities and associations
  • An open, honest and respectful attitude
  • Allied health professionals, to help patients with all aspects of their treatment


Cancer Centre London is a recognised Centre of Excellence, and prides itself on the extent of its highly experienced staff, employing many specialists who have been recognised leaders in their field for many years. At Cancer Centre London we combine that outstanding experience with the latest medical developments and advanced treatment programmes. Our team of radiotherapy physicists, radiographers, pharmacists and oncology nurses are dedicated professionals who will always provide the highest level of service and support that can be offered.
This experience and expertise in the fast moving world of cancer treatment is augmented by the latest technological treatments options. At Cancer Centre London we pride ourselves on being up to date with all the advancements in medical and surgical techniques and cancer treatments, as well as going to great lengths to ensure that all our patients have access to the latest and most effective drugs.
Cancer Centre London has in place a rigorous integrated clinical audit, and advanced eMDT software to ensure that your treatment and experience at our centre is of the highest standard possible. Any necessary inpatient cancer treatment is provided at the nearby Parkside Hospital, where continuity between the medical staff, nurses, radiographers, pharmacists, administrative and clerical staff reflects a supportive approach towards the patient, whose care is tailored to their individual needs.
At CCL we understand that undergoing treatment for cancer can be a difficult and potentially scary process, both for the patient and those who care for them. We have close relationships with a number of charities and associations, and we work with these groups to ensure that you and your family are given the highest level of support and service. We offer a variety of services to support our patients and their loved ones, including physiotherapy provided by the Allied Health Professionals Network to help the patient adjust to any physical changes. We also offer counselling and support services, a fully stocked Information Centre and a variety of complementary therapies designed to make a difficult time as stress-free and comfortable as possible.